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    As far as my personal gaming experience is concerned, I also think that Path of Exile is worth to play, especially its PoE currency systems. The freedom of talent matching is higher than Diablo 3. In the game design, Diablo 3 overturns the complicated settings of the previous D2, and the cost of learning the game becomes lower. Path of Exile is the opposite.When the Path of Exile was developed, it was the target of Diablo II, and on the basis of it, the skill system was integrated into the gem, and the skill gem was connected in the equipment to realize the freedom of the skill system, and the complex talent system. It makes it realize the freedom of attributes. Path of Exile’s continuation of the D2’s complex design is a prerequisite for its surpassing D3 and is the main reason for the game’s niche. Meanwhile, it uses a new currency system, e.g. Orb of Chance upgrades a normal item to random rarity, Exalted Orb adds a new mod to a rare item.The complexity brought to the Path of Exile is a niche group of players. Although it is a killing subgame, its gameplay is no different from hardcore games. I remember the first time I saw the huge talent of Path of Exile, the horror was overwhelming. The combination of difficulty and over-liberation increases the cost of the player learning the game, which can be understood as the time cost. And in the stack of time costs, there will be a lot of error experience. For example, if the talent plus points and the main play genre are not well integrated, then in later games, your game experience may be destroyed by progressively enhanced monsters. The only thing that can be done is to re-point talent and then build a game routine.Taking Diablo 3 as an example, Blizzard cut off the talent system in order to reduce the learning cost of the player, and at the same time, the equipment design is more inclined to let the player use the suit. When the player kills enough for the season, the game is complete. The Path of Exile’s equipment design is more inclined to Diversification of Diablo II. As long as a piece is suitable for your own genre, you can play a role as a suit. The Path of Exile talent system is complex in design, and the diversity of skills, it makes people feel a “complex, tired” feeling. Especially when some novices enter the game, it is possible to have a retreat from playing in the first chapter. Such a hardcore design is destined to increase the threshold for entry, and the niche is inevitable. Players also can contribute new unique items to the game.
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